Backport Geary 0.4.1 to Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) / elementary Luna

We have had a number of requests from users to backport Geary 0.4 to Ubuntu 12.04 and elementary Luna (which is itself a flavor of 12.04). This is not a trivial task, as the libraries Geary depends on have significantly improved since 12.04, in particular WebKitGTK. Also, Geary 0.4.1 now relies on libraries unavailable in 12.04.

This task is being offered on at Anyone can take on this work -- even a group of people can take this on. If they meet all the stipulations listed below, they will collect the bounty. Whomever accepts the task there should let us know on this ticket they are beginning work. They should also use this ticket to ask the Geary developers questions about the process.

(Note that Geary 0.4.1 has not yet been released, although it should in one week's time. The changes between 0.4.0 and 0.4.1 are mild; see our Geary 0.4.1 Roadmap for more information.)

In order to receive the bounty, the following requirements must be met:

Some details we know will have to be addressed by whomever backports Geary to 12.04/Luna: