nanostation m5 loco xw "loses" interface

after ~6 hours uptime my nanostation "loses" it's lan interface.

means: eth0 is still up, but the link is gone... ethtool reports link down/speed 10m/half-duplex/no autoneg, mii-tool even finds "No MII transceiver present!", and there's no way to get the link up again with ethtool

btw, this doesn't happen with the original firmware (actually something is happening there, too, dmesg shows "AR8032 Hang WAR - Fast Reset..." and right after "... PHY Reset"), so i think this could be solved in software somehow... maybe somebody has an idea

[i also know of some people who have the same problem with their nanostation loco's, so it's not only me or broken cables or sth. like that]