Crash when renaming single file in folder

Created attachment 6482 Backtrace Thunar randomly crashes (SIGSEGV) when renaming files. Reproducible: Random Steps to Reproduce: 1. Start up Thunar. 2. Go to some directory with single file. 3. Rename that file 4. Change the filename and press enter. 5. Not crashed? Try step 3 again. Crashes even for single file in whole folder. It is strange that if you run it with gdb then the crash is not so often. gdb backtrace attached - it is strange that the thunar_file_compare_by_name() function is called even for only one file in working directory - both file_a->collate_key_nocase and file_b->collate_key_nocase are NULL. I noticed that sometimes this function is not called, but when it is (it is random), then it crashes.