Feature request: The command should work like this

Bash completions and manual page should be implemented.

Usage (using short options):

linux-purge [-bcnosy] [{-k NUM [-a]} | -m] [-i APP]

linux-purge -f [-sn] [-i APP]

linux-purge {-h | -v}

Purge versioned kernel packages according to user's orders. Purging is
not restricted to linux-image packages, but all versioned linux-*
packages matching desired releases. Also purges such versioned
kernel packages that have the respective linux-image package missing
or marked for removal or purge, and packages that have just
configuration files remaining. Does not purge such versioned kernel
packages that have respective successfully installed linux-image
package marked with "hold" unless chosen interactively with -c option.

If usual purging fails, using -f option may help.

    -a, --auto-only Only purge kernels that have been marked as being
                    automatically installed.
    -b, --clear-boot
                    Check /boot for kernels unknown to the package
                    management system, and if such files are found,
                    offer to remove them.
    -c, --choose Choose interactively which kernels to purge. Other
                    options determine which kernels are selected to
                    start with.
    -f, --fix Use this, if the program fails otherwise. Try to fix
                    broken dependencies, which are typical in case a
                    filesystem has no space left. If needed, try to purge
                    given kernel(s) interactively by using different
                    methods to be able to purge kernels from a system
                    with broken dependencies and/or lack of free inodes.
    -h, --help Display this help and exit.
    -i APP, -iAPP, --interface APP, --interface=APP
                    Choose application used for generating user interface,
                    when selecting kernels; see option -c.

                    Supported values for APP:

                    d or dialog (default)

                    w or whiptail (fallback)
    -k NUM, -kNUM, --keep NUM, --keep=NUM
                    Keep NUM latest kernels that have earlier version
                    and same flavour than each kernel a meta-kernel
                    (such as linux-image-generic) depends on.
    -m, --manual Purge kernels that have been marked as being
                    manually installed.
    -n, --no-legend Do not display legend in checklist used by -c and -f.
    -o, --optimize Run update-grub only once in normal operation.
    -s, --simulate Dry-run; do not actually remove packages. You may
                    run this as regular user. Note that in some cases
                    simulation is not complete since some actions may
                    depend on others being done for real beforehand.
    -v, --version Print version.
    -y, --yes Purge without user confirmation.

Exit Status:
    0: Command finished successfully.
    1: Command-line is invalid.
    2: Command was run with wrong privileges.
    other integer: Command failed for some other reason.