seahorse shows passwords without verification

Binary package hint: seahorse

When I log in the first time, I get asked for my password to access the wireless network.

Then any time later I can run seahorse (without authentication) and go and look at my wireless password (password tab / passphrase for wireless network / properties). It just asks me 'Do you want to allow access?' and if I say yes (ie 'Allow Once' or 'Allow Always'), it doesn't ask for authentication or anything, it just shows the password.

Isn't this a security problem?

If I reboot just X with CTRL-ALT-BS and log in again, when I run seahorse it asks me for authentication to run it, but after a full reboot it doesn't ask for any authentication.

I have automatic login enabled (so on full reboot I don't need to login via the X login window) if that makes any difference.

Version info:

distro: hardy alpha 4

kernel: 2.6.24-5-generic

seahorse: 2.21.4-0ubuntu2

gnu-pg: 1.4.6-2ubuntu5

python-gnupginterface: 0.3.2-9ubuntu1