[radeonsi] Tahiti LE: GFX block is not functional, CP is okay

Created attachment 74857 Screenshot of Xorg I've recently bought a Radeon 7000 graphics card - Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 XT. I enabled glamor in xorg.conf. The X server fails to start with glamor enabled. For 10 seconds it shows nothing. I've attached a screenshot taken with my mobile phone after that. After killing X the monitor turns off as if the GPU is off (probably true). X works if I disable glamor. However this way I'd be forced to use swrast. xorg-xserver - 1.13.2 xf86-video-ati - git or 7.1.0 (both tried) glamor - git or 0.5 (both tried) libdrm - git or 2.4.42 (both tried) kernel - git or 3.7.7 (both tried) mesa - git weston also fails to start. It just shows a black screen with a white stripe on top. Killing it returns me to a tty. I'll attach parts of the kernel log when starting Xorg and weston.